Same show, different continent!

 November 7, 2018

Great to have the opportunity to work in a new country, as I’m currently in South Korea lighting my first foreign language production of The Play That Goes Wrong. Out here with me Sean Turner, Associate Director of Play in the West End, and looking after the set Jim Paterson Master Carpenter from the Duchess Theatre in the West End, and we’ve had a warm welcome from both local producers Seensee Company and theatre staff.

A strange feeling knowing the piece so well that you know which joke is being delivered at any given moment, despite not understanding much Korean. I’d never considered that the sentence structure of a language would be so critical in whether a joke works or not, but we’re lucky to have a great translation by a linguist who really understands both these nuances, and comedy in particular.

The show will run at the Sejong M Theater, part of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Seoul until 5 January 2019.