London Coliseum Production Dimmers

From 2011 to 2013, in addition to my role as Lead Board Programmer for English National Opera, I project managed the replacement of one of the largest remaining installations of Strand SLD Dimmers with the newer ADB Twintech Eurodim product.

By planning in detail in advance, we were able to replace the Coliseum’s 1400 production dimmers with 1100 of the new more capable product in only 6 weeks, while the theatre remained open with a busy performance schedule. The ADB Twintech is able to capably operate as either Dimmer or Non-Dim with changes made through software rather than the previous system of having to physically swap hardware modules in the racks.

The Production Lighting Network Backbone and Routers were upgraded as part of the same project, with the long distance network cables replaced with Fiber links, and the network re-organised to reflect the Coliseum’s transition to exclusive use of ETC Eos products for control. This project also overlapped with the purchase of a dedicated moving light rig of Martin Mac TW1s and Vari-lite VL3500 Profiles and Washes.

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