Theatre meets live gig as 3 of the UK’s hottest young writers collaborate to present an eclectic mix of stories told through the innovative use of music and spoken word.

Symphony is separated into three discrete pieces – Tom Wells’ ‘Jonesy’, about an adolescent coming-of-age while being the only boy in the netball class; Ella Hickson’s ‘Love Song for the People of London’ about moving to the Big City, and how it’s difficult to make small talk in the Kindle age; and Nick Payne’s ‘My Thoughts on Leaving You’ is a ‘rock n roll’ love story.

Photographs by Ludovic des Cognets /

Nick Payne, Ella Hickson & Tom Wells
Ed Gaughan
Joe Murphy
nabokov and Soho Theatre
Soho Theatre London, Assembly Theatre Edinburgh,
Birmingham Rep & Vault Festival (2014)